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The basic task of human resource management is based on requirements of the company's development strategy, the company planned way rational allocation of human resources , through recruitment, training, use , assessment , evaluation , motivation, adjustment , logistics , business and cultural heritage and a series of processes , staff motivation , play to their potential, in order to ensure the realization of the company 's strategic objectives.

Qualified personnel is to promote independent innovation , technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises an important force. Dragon machinery is to build a high-quality , reasonable structure, a sufficient number of skilled , innovative , complex , high-level echelon . Companies adhere to this philosophy, to create mutual trust for employees to grow and progress , the cultural atmosphere of mutual respect , to provide more opportunities and space for employees career planning and creating the necessary conditions for technological innovation and management innovation employees and for outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to employees to be recognized and rewarded , employee value and strive to achieve synchronization with the value of the company , employees and the company to grow and promote each other.

Respect and protect the interests of employees , and actively and steadily push forward compensation, benefits and insurance system reform and improve , and fully reflect the job characteristics , reflecting the position value and outstanding work performance , motivating high-level management, professional and technical personnel and key skills . According to the state social insurance system to establish a multi-level general requirements, and actively improve the insurance system and do the basic insurance , safeguard the vital interests of the employees.

Improve pay and benefits policies . The company's existing pay and benefits system for the systematic evaluation and research , proposed to further improve the pay and benefits of proposals involving multiple aspects of wages, allowances , subsidies, welfare and so on.

Building human resource management system. Conducive to the establishment of the system specification , integration, the personnel data integration company , will play an effective role in optimizing the allocation of human resources , standardize personnel management, personnel management to improve efficiency , enhance staff training and other aspects .

Dragon machinery employee wages and benefits :
1, the eight-hour workday , the company offers free accommodation and with a couple of rooms , dormitories are equipped with air conditioning , excellent dining and living conditions ;
2, the wage paid on time , and never in arrears ;
3 , professionals including room and board , treatment Negotiable , favorably. This effective job posting for many years , welcomed the intention to visit the factory , competitive selection ;

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