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Notify fully rectify and standardize the order of mineral resources development
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First, we must do a good job to start from the norm , norm .
       We propose to meeting the technical specifications of stone mining , stone enterprises to seek advice , solicit opinions from all sides of the foundation, we are prepared to put forward this proposal to the competent authorities of the country as a nation of laws and regulations , technical specifications Once approved , we have to organize training to implement well the technical specifications in the industry to implement.
       Second, we build the stone and other building stone area to be managed separately , modify the size of the stone mining division level standards.
As the name suggests , is a veteran of stone stone stone stone is the production of raw materials used in the processing of other products , stone and stone is to have a distinguishable inside our building materials industry , the Association system also has two associations, associations of stone and gravel Association were linked with the stone industry and stone industry enterprises, gravel Association studies in this area are mostly stone .
Stone Association studies are basically used in the decoration of stone, including granite , marble, slate , etc. China Stone Association recommends that government departments in the distinction between the stone and the stone manage, modify stone mines grading standards , making it more realistic stone industry .
In modifying the standard basis for the management of mining permits us stone mining enterprises , able to adapt to the requirements of the mine after the standard division , making the stone mining enterprises , able to achieve long-term stability of the mining license .
Third, do the stone mining enterprises for rectification.
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