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Development Status stone industry analysis study in 2013
Update: 2013-12-12    Hit: 1765    From: Hailong machinery
Stone industry as a whole , " cold " is an indisputable fact that the world's largest stone base head is in the most difficult period , less than the majority of production and processing enterprises operating , sales fell significantly , about two percent of the companies on the verge of collapse. Whether manufacturers or dealers are looking forward to the end of the industry, " cold " Hurry up, hurry up coming dawn .
       Throughout the country's economic situation especially in the real estate situation , combined with the actual situation in the stone industry analysis for the stone industry , this year is not the most "cold " when, estimated to be more " cool" the first half of 2013 . The first half of next year , this year more difficult than the stone industry .
       In this year the " cold winter " , stone industry, although there have been some thriving scene , any implementation of brand agency businesses, especially composite panels business , almost all the real estate downturn has not been affected, but bucked the trend , production, sales situation in leaps and bounds, creating their own " spring ." But overall, the vast majority of companies and dealers are taking very difficult.
       State regulation of the real estate is effective from the start of the second half of last year , its impact on the stone industry usually for six months to a year . In fact , this year's engineering business enterprise stone real estate projects last year , in the case of this regulation does not relax , the first half of the developers do not have to take, to the second half the situation a little uncertain circumstances , developers began to take place , so, next year 's first half of this year is more difficult than the stone industry , faced with no project , the project does not receive a single position, even if the environment improves, but the developers did not develop, the situation is still very grim.
Let the real estate market shocks stone industry "shuffle" ahead of the arrival
       Stone Industry "shuffle " is the development of the industry to a certain stage results , just shrink this year to accelerate the pace of real estate "shuffle " in . In 2008, affected by the global financial crisis, and other industries, many companies close down the stone industry . In response to the crisis , the state issued a series of policies to stimulate the economy , the stone industry ushered in a very valuable development opportunities to adjust , but the result is no effective regulation of the industry , companies are geometrically stone surge in competition heating up . Now, with the decline in total consumption demand of stone , the stone industry is facing another round of "shuffle ."
In the current crisis should be receiving safety first
       All stone enterprises have innovative ideas, timely adjust their development strategies to cope with the current crisis in the industry . For example, this year we Wanli Stone Group 's production and marketing situation is still very good , and the amount of tax sales compared to last year , there is a larger increase . Has been able to achieve such results , because this year we do a lot of adjustments.
       Our sales-oriented over the past year, with collection oriented to receiving safety first. International markets, our emerging markets , particularly in rapidly developing market-oriented ASEAN ; domestic market, mainly in the Midwest because the Midwest has " Rise of Central China " national , "Go West " policy to support its affected by the real estate regulation is relatively small infrastructure projects will be significantly more affected by the regulation largest eastern coastal areas.
Brand agency and customization is the industry out of the " winter" of the two legs
       Brand agency this is a trend that has its inevitability , but because of the different characteristics of the industry , some industries in addition to the implementation of brand agency , but also the need to expand other modes . Volkswagen products ( such as ceramics, sanitary ware , etc. ) can take the road of the brand , it is an inevitable direction ; however , some non- standardized and personalized products ( such as stone , etc. ) , may have to rely on traditional channels .
       Everyone says the stone industry to standardize comparison difficult, the challenge in this natural stone resources, their consistency and stability are relatively poor. For example tiles , the same product can be continuously produced tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of square meters, but the stone industry , any one species are very difficult to do a lot of standardization and stability of the industry 's major difficulty and uncertainty in natural , But this is precisely the charm of the stone . I'd not advocate deliberately standardization , I think that should be standardized and customized parallel , low-end products , color and variation is relatively small , it is easy to accept the customer 's products can be standardized. High-end customers are more discerning , relatively large changes or customization to go better .
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