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ZDMJ 12C Granite Automatic Polishing Machine For Slat
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Techical Parameter
Item No DM12C/0.9 ZDM12C/1.2 ZDM12C/1.5
Quantity Of Heads 12 12 12
Power Of Main Motor 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Total Power 101.45KW 101.45KW 101.45KW
Grinding Head Diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm
Grinding Plate Width 900cm 1200cm 1200cm
Grinding Plate Height 10-50cm 10-50cm 10-50cm
Beams Swing Speed 3-35m/min 3-35m/min 3-35m/min
Slab Transmitted Speed 1-3m/min 1-3m/min 1-3m/min
Coolling Water Pressure 0.1-0.15MPA 0.1-0.15MPA 0.1-0.15MPA
Water Comsumption 15m3/h 15m3/h 15m3/h
Air Supply Pressure 0.7mpa 0.7mpa 0.7mpa
Weight 12000kgs 12500kgs 13500kgs
Dimension 7600x2700x2300mm 7600x2700x2300mm 7600x2900x2300mm

Machine Impotant Components
The touch screen Kinco/Siemens/Schneider
Air switch Delix/Schneider
Frequency convertor for bridge Yaskawa/invonance/Schneider
Frequency convertor for belt Yaskawa/invonance/Schneider
Power switch Yaskawa/invonance/Schneider
Transformer DELIX
PLC Mitsubishi
Relay APT
White air switch for polishing Delix

Machine Assembly
Slab trolley 2 pc Slab rollers 2 pc
Gas holder 1 pc Air drier 1 pc
Air compressor 1 pc Gear reduction 1 pc
Air blower&drying device 1 pc Cleaner 1 pc
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