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According to "challenge the traditional, adapt to the market, integration services, improve the quality" of ideas, the HaiLong will always create customer value, improve service quality as a goal, the full implementation of the pre-sale, sale and service and reflect on the whole process of upgrading services. HaiLong machinery to customer-centric, dedicated to all aspects to meet customer needs.
Pre-sale services
 About condition, product technology;
 To provide technical advice and construction and analysis of difficult to explain;
 According to demand, and guide customers to choose the product。
On-sales Service
 Departments to track the contract, the organization responsible for contract review;
 Unknown or negotiated contract requires the problem to be solved is responsible;
 According to the contract requirements, track production and delivery, and tracking production 
       of various external cooperation;
After-sales Service
 User service hotline:0595-28983333   15159879899(Manager Yao)  13905051290
 On-site training, operation and use of norms to guide customers;
 According to the contract, on time for the user to guide the installation of equipment,
 Responsible for receiving and processing customer complaints on product quality and service quality;
 Our products are quality problems during the warranty period, the warranty and replacement responsible;
 Responsible for the training of service personnel, so that continuously improve the overall quality of service。
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